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Klara Sta Master degree

Innsbruck, Österreich
Adventure education trainingClass A driving licencecraftsmanshipData Programming and VisualizationDesignThinking & SCRUMexperience with Agile WorkethicsGeospatial AnalysisMotorboat licencePadi diving licence AdvancedSki- & Snwoboard Instructor
Management & OtherSki InstructorsWeb, Software & IT

My name is Klara and I’m planning to do a year of work and travel in Japan starting next winter. As an outdoor active person with a love for nature, I dream about spending a winter in the mountains of Japan. Currently, I live in Tyrol, Austria, working as a glacier scientist and studying Geograpy in Innsbruck.


I apply for jobs in the Ski season and I’m flexible when it comes to working tasks. I grew up in a family of craftsmen and repairing, tinkering, and fixing is a job that I know since childhood and that brings me joy. In the past, I have participated at Ski-testing-days in Tyrol, where I handed out K2 and Line new season equipment for testing. But I’m also interested in learning new skills or helping out with what I’m good at. I see myself working as a ski instructor again. With some experience in the area, I could also lead Snowshoeing or ski tours as part of my current work where I have gained experience in planning and executing tours in alpine terrain. As a geographer, it brings me joy to understand the formation of nature and mountains around me and to share this knowledge with others. Since 2018, I have also been working freelance as a team builder and experiential educator with kids.


2014-2018 Bachelor of Science economics and management [Grade: 2.4] at GOETHE UNIVERSITY FRANKFURT

Focus: Management and Corporate Social Responsibility
Bachelor thesis: “Promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility” [grade: 1.3]


Focus 1: Natural hazards research – (focus on Flood hazard)
Focus 2: Interdisciplinary mountain research


Winterseason 2021/2022 Ski/Board rental at Line/K2

I worked at the Ski Test Days in Tyrol, where I rented out the new season’s ski equipment at the ski resorts. During this time, I assisted interested customers and assembled the gear to fit each person’s specific size

04.2022-10.2023 Scientist at Institute for Interdisciplinary Mountain Research (IGF) - Austrian Academy of Sciences

Planning and executing field days in high alpine and glaciered Areas, collecting and analyzing hydrologic, biologic, and glaciologic data, as well as writing reports based on the analysis.
I am collaborating with IGF to write my Master’s thesis on the topic of hydrological modeling of a glaciated catchment under climatic changes. For my thesis, I use Python, Matlab and hydro Modells.

02.2022 - 04.22 Freelancing at LAUFWERKSTATT

Digitizing trail routes for the Trail Running Championships 2023 Innsbruck-by using satelite imagines, digital terrain models (DTMs), Google Earth and Maps, ArcGIS, and Garmin BaseCamp. Integration of Tiris Landowner informations and creation of map layouts.

02/2019 - 09/2019 Internship at the department "Management and Leadership" at GERMAN SOCIETY FOR INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION (GIZ) GMBH, Bonn

Enhancing Management and Leadership Skills for Improved Cooperation, Collaboration, Digitalization, and Cultural Change
Accompanying the company’s transformation process, providing guidance and support.
Organizing and planning the three-day “Lead Digitaly Festival” focused on leadership development, digitalization, and international cooperation.
Internship at the department “Management and Leadership” feb/2019 – Sep/2019

2012-2022 Experienced Hospitality Professional with International Background and Team-Building Expertise at Hotels, Bars, Restaurants and Clubs in various countries

I worked multiple years as a bartender, waitress and hotel receptionist in different countries like Australia, Germany, and Austria. In addition to my roles in Hoteley, I have also worked as a teambuilder, organizing team-building activities for various companies and school kids.