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Jack Shelley Ski Patrol

Lake Tahoe, NV
Ski Instructors


I was born in Anchorage Alaska, raised with a great appreciation for the wilderness and a continuing passion for backpacking, skiing, and hitchhiking. I’ve pursued several careers in my adult life from programming, robotics, emergency medical response and now wildfire. I’m an extremely driven individual and am eager for an opportunity to make a difference at any job I work. Looking for opportunities in interesting work environments with opportunities to learn.




●       EMT-B NREMT Certification (Recertification due 03/2023)

●       Incident Qualification Card – FFT2 (Q), FFT1 (T)

●       CPR/AED Certification (Expires 07/2024)

●       Chainsaw operation (USFS A Sawyer)

●       Operation of heavy machinery (Mills, lathes, saws, CNC, etc.)

●       Operation and repair of 3D printers (FDM, SLS, SLA)

●       3D design and fabrication (Rhino, Blender, AutoCAD)

●       Electrical soldering/microsoldering, wiring assemblies, PCB design/assembly

●       Engine and mechanical repair

●       Carpentry, wood working, and hand tool usage

●       Programming Languages: Golang, Ruby, Java, PHP, Javascript, CSS (SASS), HTML, and multiple database systems such as SQL and PostgreSQL




Mt. Hood National Forest, Wildland Firefighter (type 3 engine crew) (60+ Hours Per Week)

Series: 0462 Grade: GS-3

June 2022-October 2022


●       Crewmember on a Type 3 Fire Engine. Learned various roles on the engine and trained in pump operation, hose lay operations, mobile attack operations, hand line construction and mop-up in steep and difficult terrain or complex operating conditions..

●       Understanding of fire behavior, causes of fire, influence of wind, topography, and fuel as well as appropriate tactics depending on terrain, intensity, and agency priorities.

●       Use of various hand tools to construct fireline and conduct mop-up operations in steep and difficult terrain or in complex operation conditions. Trained in proper use and maintenance of axes, shovels, Pulaski’s, McLeod’s, and power tools including chainsaws, portable pumps and drip torches.

●       Proficient in operation and maintenance of chainsaws

●       Trained to obtain accurate weather predictions for fire behavior forecasts, using either online resources or a belt weather kit to obtain readings in the field and then relay those weather reports to my engine module and any adjacent resources.

●       Used Bendix King radios to communicate with my engine module and adjacent resources. Trained on radio use in high traffic environments and proper fire terminology to effectively communicate with other fire personnel.

●       Used topographic maps, compass, and GPS units to navigate to fires during initial attack operations or during patrol.

●       Participated in and led daily briefings consisting of: fire weather zone forecasts, fire behavior forecasts, national and local situation reports and daily safety topics.

●       Participated in After Action Reviews and safety sessions.

●       Responsible for performing daily preventative maintenance checks on fire engines, utility trucks and pumps.

●       Proficiency in first aid up to the level of an EMT-B, including basic first aid, patient stabilization and extrication.

●       Proficiency in use of timekeeping software Paycheck8 and updating personal records.



Josh Voshall-  Parkdale Captain

(541)706-1971  joshua.voshall@usda.gov



Woodward/Boreal Lake Tahoe, EMT Patrol (40+ Hours Per Week)

June 2021-January 2022


Necessary/Everyday Skills: Emergency medical response

Tool Usage: Ski’s and Snowboards, Toboggans, Shovels, Chainsaws, Hand Axes, Rakes, Self Evacuation Climbing Devices, UTV’s

●       Emergency response at an action sports facility/ski hill, responding to injuries or emergencies on downhill mountain biking trails, skateparks, gymnastics equipment and ski resort.

●       Assess traumatic injuries of all ages, decide on severity of injury, level of on-scene treatment, extrication, and further patient care..

●       Dressing/bandaging, bleeding control, injury stabilization, splinting, extrication device operation, airway management, anything that could be done in an ambulance is within our scope of practice.

●       Perform both high and low angle rope rescue, practical rope and knot knowledge, chair lift extrication, and weighted belaying.

●       Communication with radios over multiple channels, with constant dispatch interaction

●       Risk mitigation. Placing informational signage, forming ski boundaries, patrolling dangerous zones, checking out of bounds areas, flagging dangerous terrain, removing or shaping dangerous features such as ice, cornices, or large overhangs, emphasis on mitigating avalanche risk.

●       Professionally represent Woodward to the public, project partners, and other agencies as well as promote safe riding practices to our guests.

●       Inventory and continuous assessment of quality and safety of equipment such as toboggans, rope lines, tower pads, snow mobiles, chainsaws, hand saws, and medical devices like traction devices, AED’S, BVM’s, tourniquets, etc.



Adam Morris – Direct Supervisor – EMT Patrol Manager Boreal

(925) 783-0562  amorris@rideboreal.com



Southwest Conservation Corp, Americorps, Strike Team Crew (40+ Hours Per Week)

March 2020-August 2020


Necessary/Everyday Skills:  Natural resource support work, landscaping, chainsaw operation, herbicide application, GIS mapping, hiking with 50+ pounds,

Tool Usage: Shovels, Chainsaws, Hand Axes, Crosscut Saws, Mark 3 pumps/Herbicide Pumps, Sledge Hammers, Positive Pressure Water Pumps


●       Typical work week would be me and my crew lead driving hours into the backcountry of Utah or Colorado, typically outside of cell range, and working on a variety of projects ranging from invasive plant removal or mapping, revegetation efforts, community projects, or monitoring of introduced species. Typical hitches would last 5-6 days before returning to town.

●       Interfacing with the public and representing Southwest Conservation Corp at volunteer events, with private partners and state agencies

●       Outdoor work aimed to preserve riparian habitats along the Dolores River

●       Use of GIS mapping to report ecosystem status and plan treatments

●       Chainsaw work aimed towards ecological restoration and preservation. Typical chainsaw work was removing invasive species i.e Tamarisk, Russian Olive, Siberian Elm, and Tree of Heaven. Experience with best practices for cutting, felling, and swamping. With a crew of only two people cutting acres of plants, we switched roles between swamper and cutter, or more often worked individually and performed both roles. Personal safety was always the foremost concern as medical facilities were typically a minimum of 2 hours aways.

●       Herbicide application within strict agency and state guidelines, making sure to use only the necessary amount of herbicide, prevent runoff, and proper disposal of any leftover chemicals.

●       Monitoring and care for equipment such as chainsaws, hand saws, axes, shovels, positive pressure pumps, generators, and medical equipment.


Emily Kasyon – Direct Supervisor – Southwest Conservation Corps Strike Team Lead

(970) 903-0839 ekasyon@conservationlegacy.org



Apptronik Inc, Robotics Technician (40+ Hours Per Week)

September 2019-March 2020


Necessary/Everyday Skills: Mechanical assembly, electrical assembly, fabrication, machine operation

●       Everyday use of hand tools, fabrication machinery, 3D printers (SLA,SLS,FDM), 3D design software (Rhino, Solidworks), Soldering and Micro Soldering.

●       My main project at Apptronik was development and testing of advanced robotics systems for use in the military.

●       General shop help, everything from 3D printing, PCB design, woodworking, 3D modelling, parts post processing, and really whatever keeps engineers free to do other work.



Jason Olivero – Apptronik Inc Project Manager

(201) 208-3801 jasonolivero@apptronik.com



Sock Club, Front End Developer (40 Hours Per Week)

December 2018-March 2019

Necessary/Everyday Skills: Ruby, Javascript, HTML, CSS and SQL, Git


●       Creation of internal tools for operations and design departments. These ranged from image manipulation and generation tools, order scheduling, and large scale inventory management.

●       General bug fixes in operations software



Wild Attire Inc, Front End Developer (40 Hours Per Week)

January 2017- December 2018

Necessary/Everyday Skills: Golang, Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS and SQL, Git


●       Development and upkeep of 7 high-traffic sites, including Ties.com, sock-genius.com, and Alynn.com

●       Translation of Photoshop mockups to web pages, with emphasis on responsive and mobile design

●       Maintenance of Wordpress blogs, including SEO optimization, community content management, structure and style changes, general bug fixes

●       General IT work in the office



SD3D – 3D Printing Technician (40 Hours Per Week)

May 2017- December 2018

Necessary/Everyday Skills: Mechanical and electrical diagnosis/repair, 3D CAD modelling


●       Management 20 production 3D printers, including scheduling prints, repairing machines, and daily interaction with clients or prospective clients.

●       Developed and customized site elements to allow clients to upload 3D models, send PayPal payments, or submit or edit orders

●       Development of production plans for clients, starting from prototype stages to large scale manufacturing

●       Sole 3D modeler for the largest 3D printed city ever made. This included hundreds of hours of design time, thousands of hours of printing, and countless days at the office until 3:00 am assembling pieces


Josh Voshall-  Parkdale Fire Captain

(541)706-1971  joshua.voshall@usda.gov


John Bitzberger-  Parkdale Fire Engine Boss

(760)648-3386  john.bitzberger@usda.gov


Adam Morris – EMT Patrol Manager Boreal

(925) 783-0562  amorris@rideboreal.com


Brian Fidelibus –  EMT Patrol Manager Boreal

(925) 324-5442  brianfidelibus@gmail.com


Jason Olivero – Apptronik Inc Project Manager

(201) 208-3801 jasonolivero@apptronik.com




Austin Community College – Emergency Medical Response Course

December 2020 – May 2021





Austin Motel –  Security/Night Auditor

December 2020 – May 2021

Austin Cidercade –  Arcade/Pinball Machine Technician

December 2020 – May 2021

Japan – Volunteer Farm Hand

June 2019 – November 2019

Austin Pets Alive – Volunteer Dog Caretaker

January 2018 – December 2018

Grazin’ Pig Acres Animal Sanctuary – Pig Caretaker (Volunteer)

March 2010- January 2012

Camp Run-a-Mutt – Doggy Daycare Attendant

October 2014 – June 2015